Climate change is not something that needs to be taken lightly as we are now experiencing only some of its impact on the environment that also affects our lives. The words trees and climate change, because their meanings are often proximal to one another, are nearly always used together. What does this mean? One affects the other.

There are many companies that provide services both in residential and commercial areas that help us in tree trimming & removal, as well as provide help in how to take care of the trees we have in our property. We also have local and international organizations dedicated to plant and save trees from human interferences. Do you wonder why these services and organizations really take dedication to save trees? As we mentioned trees affect climate change and vice versa, and fortunately, these services and organizations know a lot about this.

The Problem: Climate Change

In a recent study published in the European trees, scientists have found out that trees are growing bigger due to the extended growing seasons brought by the changing climate, providing them up to three weeks more to grow bigger. However, it is still early to celebrate. Another observation was provided in the study. While the trees are provided with longer growing seasons, there are lesser trees at the same time. This means the there is a small density of trees on a global scale. And if tree density would remain constant, this would mean less extraction of carbon dioxide from the air, low production of oxygen for the growing population, and less wood and food resources.

Trees have lost their density up to 12% in the whole century. In addition to this, trees have grown weaker and weaker and have lost their ability to withstand storms and harsh weather as they once did. These trees are also absorbing carbon 50% less of what they did before. Again, while trees are growing faster, their life expectancy is also getting lesser.

When it comes to residential and commercial areas, trees are showing weakening signs too. These areas are more exposed to stressors like pollution, limited space areas, lesser water, lesser soil nutrients, and mechanical disturbances as well as the impact of climate change. These all contribute to weaker trees.

What Can We Do?

A recent study was made in order to find a method that could make us adapt to these changes, and this was panting trillion trees. This method was said to be the cheapest, most natural, and most effective method of combating trees’ deaths.

While countries like Ethiopia are doing its role by planting 350 million trees, bigger lands like the United States, China, and Australia need to do their part. While there are efforts in planting trillion trees, spaces are inadequate without the cooperation of these bigger countries. In addition, using less oil, gas, and other man-made pollutants can effectively help the climate crisis we are experiencing now.

If you want to lend a helping hand, there are many simple things you can do. You can start at your very own place, research for information, and plant trees. Imagine what we can achieve when all residents all around the globe plant trees in their properties.